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Ideate | Communicate | Envision | Create


Creative projects which require input from several people or departments can prove difficult. The brainstorming process is oftimes daunting, and efforts to establish clear creative direction, communicate creative ideas, or to simply get started seem almost impossible. We have a solution for that.

Art Together Now is an 8-hour (one day), intensive creative teambuilding workshop which incorporates the principles of creative thinking into a hands-on teambuilding session. With a focus on inclusion, collaboration, and consensus among stakholders and across departments, Clever Doodle facilitators lead participants through various teambuilding acitivities to: Does your team lack the skills to effectively execute manage a creative project from concept-to-completion?


  • Narrow a list of descriptive words which describe the brand

  • Explain principles of color theory and narrow colors

  • Provide an overview or typographical styles and their meanings

  • Learn to ask and answer questions that foster creativity and clarity