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For Schools and Colleges

WE enhance spaces, both interior and exterior, through custom mural paintings. Whether you want to depict something about your business, or inspire students inside the classrooms, or simply want to decorate your kids' room... just reach out to us with or without an idea in mind... and we will help you transform the way you experince your existing space with a worldclass mural painting.

murals for interior and exterior walls

Size Matters! A huge visual on the exterior of a building not only improves the visual facade by applying art to the wall but also makes the people stop, stare, take pics and remember the location. Artistic Murals helps tourism by attracting visitors which means more potential customers for your business.

When applied to the interior it changes the way you experience the space. It could be a tribute to someone your love or admire - through their portrait. Or it could be some place or monument you like. It could be your kid's favorite cartoon character. Or it could be an abstract design to add that touch of modernity to your interior.

Our painted murals have an average life of 5 to 7 years and can exist for 10 years or more also depending on the climate and maintenance.

Just reach out to us for a custom price quote for your mural. We will discuss with you the meansurements of the wall, the space (interior or exterior) the theme you desire, and will come up with mock up designs for approval prior to execution of the mural.
Fees apply for mockups.


We create custom digital illustrations for a variety of needs for our clients.
We use latest industry standard profession illustration softwares combined with solid experience of 20 plus years to create custom illustrations in a variety of styles to give form to your ideas on web or in print.


We provide illustrations in following scenarios:

Writer/publication looking for children book illustrations
Newspaper/Magazine looking for editorial illustrations.
Blogs requiring illustrations on regular intervals or one time.
Businesses looking for infographic illulstration design for web or print.



Children's books