Reinvigotate Your Team | Foster Inclusion | Unlock Creativity | Build Your Brand TODAY

At the end of an 8-hour session, your business walks away with:

  • Descriptive words and language which exclusively describes your brand

  • Basic brand tagline

  • Brand color palette and fonts


  • Simple logo based discovery and workshop feedback (we will hand over the logo to your company in digital format at the end of the session)

  • Creative thinking tools which allow your team to effectively brand and design future        in-house creative.

Does your business need branding but you don't know where to begin? Does your team have the creative potential but finds it hard to focus on a specific creative direction? Would you like to reinvigorate your employees and foster inclusion while encouraging them to own the brand?

A Brand A Day is an 8-hour (one day), intensive brand strategy workshop which incorporates the principles of creative thinking into a hands-on teambuilding session.


With a focus on inclusion, collaboration, and consensus among stakholders and across departments, Clever Doodle facilitators lead participants through various teambuilding acitivities which:


  • Narrow and develop a 5-10 of descriptive words which describe the brand

  • Explain principles of color theory and explore various color palettes and the feeling associate with each

  • Provide an overview or typographical styles, their meanings, and how these styles affect your brand

  • Learn to ask and answer questions that foster creativity and clarity