Clever Doodle Design, LLC , founded in October 2013 by Creative Director/Designer Cortni Witherspoon, provides intelligent, and affordable, branding and design options for small and medium-sized businesses. Currently operating in New Orleans' Bywater community, Clever Doodle Designs keeps overhead low, creativity high, and delivers agency-quality solutions which are affordable for cost-conscious budgets.


Clever Doodle offers a variety of  branding and design solutions, to enhance your brand message and engage your target audience. From logos and creative strategy, to websites and e-vites, Clever Doodle makes the design process cleverly simple and economical. We also offer complete design packages which create efficiencies by ease of ordering, provide for brand layout consistency and relevant messaging across all media.

CORTNI WITHERSPOON - Owner + Creative Director


Cortni Witherspoon is a Creative Strategy Consultant/ Graphic Designer with over 15 years of experience in creative direction, art direction, marketing and graphic design. A graduate of the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia and also graduate of Auburn University with a B.A. in English, Cortni has worked with numerous companies and non-profits across the country. Practical, articulate, and adept, with a strong record of achievement and leadership in creative strategy and design direction, she is able to execute creative projects from concept to completion.


 “I decided to start Clever Doodle Designs, LLC, after looking around and seeing so many small businesses with wonderful ideas, but no clue of how to convey those ideas to the world. The most important part of being a great business is effectively conveying what you do. If your message and branding are sub-par, no matter how great your product, you will be overlooked in the marketplace.  I simply wanted to give small and mid-sized business the opportunity to enhance their brand and resonate with the right people – something they may not have been able to afford otherwise.”

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CORTNI WITHERSPOON - Freelance + Consultancies


  • CNN

  • The United States Department of Justice

  • The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

  • The Alliance Francaise d’Atlanta

  • Dr. Michelle LeBlanc

  • Birmingham Alabama Police Department

  • Samantha Beaulieu

  • Oakheart Intuitive Therapies

  • Latin Hoops Tees

  • Musician Martin Luther

  • Ryan Cameron Foundation

  • The Cannery

  • Torrance Small Construction

  • Dillard University

  • Maple Café and Maple Street Café

  • Bernard Linnette

  • Nadine Ramsey Campaign

  • Auburn University

  • Weed and Seed of St. Lucie County

  • Churchill Grounds Jazz Café

  • Shahara Ruth • Ramona Debreaux

  • Jazz Musician Freddy Cole

  • Global Health Action